Hey there!

It’s been a while, almost a year to be exact.  Let me explain what was behind this 9 month hiatus, and no, it wasn’t that I had another baby.

Since Hunter was about 6 months old she has been covered in terrible eczema from neck to toes.  We had been doing EVERYTHING we could think of to help this poor little itchy mess.  I honestly thought that her flare ups were brought on by teething.  We tried all of the OTC creams, balms, ointments, washes.  We tried cutting baths to every other day or every 2 days.  We even finally had the doctor write us up one of those prescription creams, we used it on her twice daily, but still nothing changed.

Eventually a family member mentioned how it could be an internal issue, and perhaps we should try talking to a Nutritionist.  I can’t even begin to explain how incredibly stupid I felt for not having thought of this.  After all, I have been following numerous accounts on Instagram for the past 2-3 years with other moms who have children with eczema whose flare ups are food related.  A phone call later, and an appointment was booked.  You guys, I was so nervous.  I have this weird thing where I always think “oh maybe this is just all in my head and this person is going to think I’m crazy.”

The day came and we loaded up the kids, we traveled into town and met with our Nutritionist.  She was AMAZING!  She suggested we try a basic version of the Elimination Diet where we take out Dairy for a week, reintroduce it and see what happens, and so on so forth with Peanuts, Soy, and Gluten, she also recommended a probiotic which is linked here:


(I’m not an affiliate, I don’t make commission off of it, I just really like it!)

I’ll leave you with this information for now, as catching up on almost a year will be quite the process.  More to come on our experience with the basic version of the Elimination Diet, our move to a new Province, and getting a puppy.


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