Your MLM Business and Why It’s Not For Me.

Friends!  You’re in an MLM making extra money for your family, and that’s AWESOME!  But it’s not for me, and here’s why:

Shortly after our first born came along I got pulled into an MLM business.  I thought “I’m going to KILL IT.”  Then I didn’t.  I wasn’t lazy, I bought the books, I made the relationships, I believed in my products.  What I didn’t account for was my move to a new town, a second pregnancy, and a lack of funds to keep it going.  Not to mention the anxiety of doing parties in person!

While I’m not here to discourage or shame you, while I realize you’re just being a boss babe for your family.  I encourage some of you to JUST BACK OFF with your approach!  I get you feel pressured to make money, I get you want to make “connections.”

Those of you with your generic approaches, who can’t be bothered to change my name in a DM on Instagram, or who make me feel pressured, or make up a lie about how I’ve “shown you so much love” when I don’t even follow you, can KICK ROCKS!

For those of you doing it for the ACTUAL love of it, I thank you.  You know who you are, and for those of you just DOING IT to MAKE A QUICK BUCK, preying on HASHTAGS and women with insecurties, well GET FUCKED!

As a mama with insecurities and anxiety to boot, it’s hard to say no, let alone politely.  When you say I’ll want this someday…maybe I will, but NOT FROM YOU!  But from that mama who gets me, who knows my struggle, who I KNOW isn’t preying on my struggle but can relate to it.

So THINK, think before you approach another PARENT based on HASHTAGS!  THINK!  Think about NOT being upset when they say NO.  You don’t know their circumstances.  Maybe $99.00  means their kids diapers this month.  Maybe they’re not just being frugal and they just don’t have the money to invest.

You just DON’T KNOW!  And IT DOESN’T MATTER!  If they’re interested, they’ll flock and if not JUST LET THEM BE!


Signing off,

One pissed off mama who has been approached too inappropriately by one too many mamas who give MLM companies a bad name.



Sorry I’m Not Sorry

Too often I find myself anxious about out of the house outings, worried about my children having an absolute meltdown in public.  Fearing those glances people shoot my way, you know the ones that cut like knives while you’re trying to get through the grocery store checkout and tame an angry 1.5 year old!  Watching people whisper about me as my 9 month old also starts to squirm.  Things like “She should’ve kept her legs closed” or “She needs to shut those kids up.”  What do I do?  Sheepishly apologize, die of embarrassment and get out of the store as quickly as possible, usually forgetting half of the stuff I needed in the process.  Then finding a way to get through the week without those things because I need time to recover, to put my brave face back on before I have to try again.

Now it’s coming from my own home.  I’ve received a formal complaint that my children are nuisances.  What am I supposed to do?  Tie them up and ball gag them so they can’t make any noise or live freely in our home?  Should I go apologize to the people complaining about them?  No!  I am DONE apologizing!

My babies are babies, sometimes the toddler runs in the house.  I stop her, I remind her we don’t run in the house because it’s dangerous.  Does this make her stop?  No, so we repeat this a thousand times a week.  Sometimes she gets mad because she wants to do/have something that she knows she can’t do/have, so she screams.  Do I let her lay there and tantrum?  No.  I pick her up, tell her that we don’t scream when we don’t get our way, let her know why she can’t have/do whatever it is, tell her I love her and settle her down.  My baby cries, sometimes I can’t make it stop.  I am one mother with 2 babies under the age of 2 doing this gig 24/7 for 21 days a month solo.  I’m doing my damn best.

Before you shoot your dirty looks at mothers in public who are frantically trying to tame their children, or mutter your rude comments just loud enough to hear, stop and think.

These children aren’t doing this to make your day unpleasant, children aren’t malicious.  They’re doing it to express themselves and they’re learning how to express themselves.  Don’t be an asshole, be a good person.  Maybe offer to help this mother out to her car, or buy her flowers.  You don’t know her circumstances or how close to the edge she is.  Don’t push her off, pull her back in.